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SE rider visiting San Diego County

Hello to any ridecampers in the San Diego, California area. I will be
visiting family there the first two weeks of June. I am sure I will need
a "horse fix" while I am there. I will have my ten year old
granddaughter with me, who has completed one 25 mile ride, and a German
exchange student who has completed both a 25 mile and 50 mile ride since
coming to the states. We would like to get acquainted, and "talk horse"
with someone while we are there. If you are interested, my folks live
near La Mesa. Perhaps we could arrange a meeting to suit your schedule
while we are there. We live in South Carolina, and have ridden on the
east coast, as far north as Pennsylvania, and south to Florida. I
usually sponsor one of my grandchildren when I ride. Riding with juniors
keeps me young.
Lucie Hancock

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