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Re: [Enduranceriders] Re: Last chance to get Desperado V daughter!

Hi Gang - OK, I fixed the page access problem - was my server, and I
fixed it by putting all my pages with another host.  Phew, what a lot of

Anyway, our sales page can be accessed at  Info on the Desperado V mare is

I got some suggestions for auction sites and will be looking into that
tomorrow or the next day, after I've recovered from this marathon
computer day!

Also was suggested that our horses would maybe do better if they had
more miles on them, so I am going to be looking for people who might
want to take a horse for a season and get miles on it.  These people
would have to have lots of positive recommendations!  After going the
auction route, and the rider route, I think we will just have to bite
the bullet and start giving the damn beasties away.  Maybe we can last
till Y2K and there will be a complete breakdown of society and we could
just turn them out on someone else's land and forget about the whole

We are still open to any realistic suggestions.  We will even consider
some sort of super low financing arrangements for other poverty stricken
endurance riders with impeccable reputations.  Lif

          Arabian Horses (looking for new homes!)
         Nutrition for People & Critters * WebArt
                     Quemado, NM  USA

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