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Re: RC: Control at the Start and other adventures

In a message dated 5/2/99 9:32:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<<  Today, except for a sore neck and headache, I'm in fine shape.  We 
 finished the ride with Harca definitely feeling better than me.   >>

That bonk on the head must have addled me more than I thought.  I neglected 
to tell you guys the "best" part about the Malibu 50.  I got to see my first 
naked (yep, I said naked) hiker on the trail!  Only in Malibu, California do 
we get to see naked guys trotting (visualize that!) down the trail with a 
bunch of endurance horses.  The most priceless reaction was from my friend 
Helen's horse -- he spooked big time when he noticed that this guy was naked 
-- I swear he knew the difference.  My horse looked the other way (probably 
because I was).  Of course, just as Harca and I passed him,  the guy decided 
to get chatty ... "Hey, how's it going?"  What exactly do you say to a naked 
guy on the trail?  I continued to look anywhere but at him, which seemed to 
be Harca's plan of action also, and said "Fine, how are you?"  How's that for 
quick thinking repartee?!?  Rats, just when a really good sarcastic remark 
like "Hey, where do you naked hikers carry your Swiss army knives?"  or 
"Whew, looks like you could use some sunscreen", would have come in handy, I 
draw a blank!   I'll practice naked hiker repartee before next year's Malibu 
ride...I can do better, I promise.  Happy Trails!

Sylvia & Harca (Aren't humans funny?)

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