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Re: Control at the Start and other adventures wrote:

> That bonk on the head must have addled me more than I thought.  I neglected
> to tell you guys the "best" part about the Malibu 50.  I got to see my first
> naked (yep, I said naked) hiker on the trail!  Only in Malibu, California do
> we get to see naked guys trotting (visualize that!) down the trail with a
> bunch of endurance horses...

Over 20 years ago a me and a friend were hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains
above Malibu when we encountered a butt naked gentleman riding a horse.  Like
your hiker, he was very pleasant and friendly.  I wonder if it was the same
guy.  Tall, very skinny, lots of straight medium long disheveled black hair
(standard for 1978), a trifle sunburned.  Discretion overcame curiosity and I
am afraid I cannot provide any further description.  I always wondered whether
it was as uncomfortable as it looked.  

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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