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Bad accident

Hello Ridecampers,

Well, got home from Cinder Lakes 50 (thanks Lori for the horse) and found out 
that my Lipizzan and been in a very bad accident that morning.  To keep it 
short he hit a bolt (while rearing) on his shoulder (about 20 stitches across 
the point of shoulder) and then ran his opposite hind leg into a railing end 
(again, another 20 stitches).  Basically we don't think that the shoulder 
will be a *huge* problem but the stifle is a whole other problem.  Basically 
when he hit his stifle he punctured the joint sack.  It is really swollen and 
again we don't know what further damage he has done to this leg.  The vets 
are worried about ligaments and tendons that could have been hurt.  This 
horse is 5, my question to all of you......what do I do.  I don't know if I 
should wait this out for a while and see what develops or if in a few days if 
we know that there is more damage then we can see, have him put down.  Stall 
rest is not a possiblity....they tried that at the vets and he has a bloody 
face and is missing half the skin on his nose.  Any advice will be greatly 
appreciated!  Thanks again.


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