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Last chance to get Desperado V daughter!

Hi gang - We've decided to put our Desperado V daughter on one of the
online auctions.  We've GOT to unload horses - we just can't keep all
19!  So, I'd like to know if anyone has had experience with online
auctions and could recommend one that actually gets results.  (We have
spent thousands of dollars, literally, over the years, on magazine ads,
with poor results, which is why we're not going that route).

This is a bay mare, 9 years old, green broke (by a Parelli certified
trainer), never been bred, great legs, hot personality.  Out of
Nu-Bo-Neata (Bohanni X NuDawna) goes to Witez II top & bottom of dam's
side.  She should really be considered hardly started unless purchased
by a good rider, because no one's been on her back since she was 4.

Info about  her is at

Please respond privately (no clogging lists!) regarding any info on
online auction sites - or any other suggestions on how to market this
mare!  We're MOTIVATED!  Lif

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                     Quemado, NM  USA

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