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Re: RC: Bad accident


I am so sorry to hear of your horse's accident.  What a decision to have
to make.  I guess if it were mine, I'd give him the few days more and
see what happens then.  Is there a chance you could give him a light
tranquilizer daily(such as "ace" )to try to quiet him  down and avoid
further injury?  Just a thought..Also, perhaps stall or pen him near a
"friend"?  It makes more work, but I have always found it helps a lot.
Good luck!  Maureen wrote:
> Hello Ridecampers,
> Well, got home from Cinder Lakes 50 (thanks Lori for the horse) and found out
> that my Lipizzan and been in a very bad accident that morning.  To keep it
> short he hit a bolt (while rearing) on his shoulder (about 20 stitches across
> the point of shoulder) and then ran his opposite hind leg into a railing end
> (again, another 20 stitches).  Basically we don't think that the shoulder
> will be a *huge* problem but the stifle is a whole other problem.  Basically
> when he hit his stifle he punctured the joint sack.  It is really swollen and
> again we don't know what further damage he has done to this leg.  The vets
> are worried about ligaments and tendons that could have been hurt.  This
> horse is 5, my question to all of you......what do I do.  I don't know if I
> should wait this out for a while and see what develops or if in a few days if
> we know that there is more damage then we can see, have him put down.  Stall
> rest is not a possiblity....they tried that at the vets and he has a bloody
> face and is missing half the skin on his nose.  Any advice will be greatly
> appreciated!  Thanks again.
> Johnna
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