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From: Teddy Lancaster <>
To: John B.Ayers <>
Date: Thursday, April 29, 1999 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: RC: Re: To wear or not to wear underwear

>All right now....we need to hear about MALE problems and the "no-bounce"
>jock strap!!!!

When I first started riding two years ago, I rushed out to buy
an Athletic Supporter!  Imagine my children's consternation
(and Grandchildren, and GREATGRANDCHILDREN) to find
me becoming a "jock" at age 66!!

I tried three different models, and none were comfortable for
long rides.  I finally bought a pair of TIGHTS, and wear jockey
underwear with them.  To my surprise, I find that FEMALES
admire MALES in tights. Unfortunately, I lost so much weight
riding, the gals in our club only gave me an "EIGHT"!

For those who missed the "Male Comfort" thread last year,
a woman in San Diego suggested "GELDING"! (We REALLY
wondered about HER)!!

Another woman suggested VIAGRA (get everything up out of
the way).  I have a cheap HMO....when I asked them for VIAGRA
they gave me a tongue depressor and some duct tape.

I DID find that after taking lessons to be lighter in the saddle, the
problem did not seem as severe. I'm not sure whether the "Family
Jewels" got numb or I did become lighter in the saddle. I suspect
it's 50/50.

We did a three hour conditioning ride today (the snow is FINALLY
melting) and I wondered if any male EVER fathered a child on the
night following a 100 mile endurance ride.

John (Vermont)

P.S. Sorry about the photos. I remenbered that RIDECAMP cannot
handle them.

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