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RE: Re:Potty Break

Oh Sylvia 

This reminds me of the other month at a ride, in fact, gasp, I've done this
twice! I had to pee on the trail while I was covering a check point. I ran out
of the truck and up the trail thinking if I do it quickly before the first
riders come along I'll be ok. The longest pee I ever took, it went on forever
and all the time I'm there alone thinking any minute now at least 5 riders are
going to turn up, probably people I know or worse maybe people I don't know. 
I decided that if any riders came by I would have to check them off the list
from where I squatted. 

The second time I decided to open one of the doors on my vehicle and use that
to screen my modesty as it were. But the doors open up quite high, they only
screen your face not your bot bot! Would anyone recognise me from that part of
my anatomy, hopefully not, but there's always the registration number on my
Land Rover. 

You know I'm in the U.K. a small crowded island and even in the country there
are people and cars every few minutes. But when you've gotta go...

I think somewhere deep down we all want to be caught! with our pants down!

Annette (not totally off-topic, it happened at an endurance ride)

From: on Fri, Apr 30, 1999 4:31 pm
Subject: Re:Potty Break
To: Annette Gordon

In a message dated 4/30/99 1:04:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Supposing too, one of us falls off our horse in a high remote area
 and is frozen untouched what will generations from now make of us? Imagine 
 amount of money that will be spent on scientists and research programmes
 trying to figure out who we were and what we were doing up there so long 
 the car was invented! >>

This past weekend at a ride a friend and I were trotting along when we 
decided we both had to answer nature's call.  We jumped off our horses, took 
a quick look around (nobody coming) and took care of business right there on 
the side of the trail.  In the middle of things, so to speak, my friend told 
me that she has a recurring nightmare in which she is at a ride, stops to 
pee, her horse whirls and kicks her in the head  and she is left dead on the 
side of the trail with her pants down.  We both laughed so hard it took a 
couple of minutes before we could get back on our horses (what a mental 
picture).  Some other riders over took us at that point (luckily we had our 
pants back on) but you could tell by the strange looks that they were 
wondering exactly how much Advil we'd taken.

Sylvia (Maybe I'll have someone hold my horse next time)

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