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Re: RC: My CRAZY Walking Horse

 I know you are wondering why I don't turn this horse out. He is
>BLACK and I want him to remain black not red..also his stall is 12' X 36' so
>don't feel sorry for him...he is having a ball.. Any suggestions would be
>appreciated on how to entertain him in the stall.
>Thanks for listening!!

Is the color so important that you'll sacrifice his physical and mental
development?  Young horses need to be out romping around and developing
their athletic abilities if at all possible -- you'll get the reward in
long-term stamina and soundness.

As to his color, only some horses are a fading black -- I know plenty that
stay jet black no matter what.  My senior riding horse tends to fade if out
in the sun all the time, but so what? -- it's not permanent! (Do you think
you can condition and compete this horse without having him in the sun a
whole bunch anyway?!)  His next haircoat comes in solid black again.

If it really bugs you, use one of the fly sprays with a sunscreen -- they
really help prevent fading.  A fly sheet such as the plastic mesh ones
Custom makes do a good job of keeping a black horse cool in the hot sun and
preventing fading.  Finally, turn him out in a paddock with some trees or a
shade shelter -- he'll get out of the sun on his own.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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