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Re: My CRAZY Walking Horse

    I'm all for turning him out, *especially* for his sake, but also
because it sounds like he's got an incredible personality that would be a shame
for him to lose that (they're so much more fun when they're full of
themselves and always up to something for amusement).
    But also, from an endurance standpoint, wouldn't it be better for him,
just so he stayed used to the sun?  I mean, black absorbs heat, and it seems
like it would be best for his body to consider the extra heat of sunlight
to be "normal", sort of like acclimating one's horse to extra altitude
before doing a ride at a significantly higher elevation.  This is all just
theory.  Does anyone have any comments?  I'm curious.

            Sarah, who has one week of finals and then gets to go hom
                   and RIDE!!!

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