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RE: 99F350 trucks


My Dad bought a 99 Ford 350 diesel with duallys last fall.  He bought the extended cab rather than the crew cab in order the keep the wheel base reasonable.  It seems we've been places (ie. Outlaw trail) where crew cab trucks had too long of a wheel base to make a turn.  We've pulled our 4 horse bumper pull with it and you don't even know its there.  The ride is extremely smooth, comfortable and quiet compared to the old diesel van we had years ago.  Me and my sister love driving it - it accelerates really quickly before you know it you're hauling!  (Don't tell our Dad! :))

We're awaiting the arrival of our new gooseneck Sundowner so we haven't pulled a goose with it yet, but that's what we bought it for.  The only con we've come across is the fact that the bed of the truck is very, very high.  I think someone mentioned earlier that Dodge and Ford are have a war to see who's truck beds are the highest!  We ordered the goose with a three inch lift on the axle and a standard nose rather then the 5' drop nose.   The Sundowner manufacturer argued with us regarding that and changed my order to include a 5' drop stating that we didn't need both the axle lift and a standard nose, well now after my insistance (last I heard I was paying for it) they are redoing the Sundowner to my specificiation.  I would rather have an extra inch or two clearance for those rutted roads, sharp turns, etc than tear apart a $35,000 truck and $45,000 trailer.  I've also watched several Sundowners high center and I don't want to deal with that either, especially when it's just us girls.  I don't think that the Sundowner people have actually seen the 99 Fords yet.  All in all it's a great truck and we love it.  Hope this helps.

No. Salt Lake, Utah

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