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Trails Advocacy

Sally, what a wonderful thing you did at that conference.  It's what is
needed:  getting the agency heads out on the trail with a horse
connection.  I bet the carriage rides were especially delightful, what a
treat.   Great job!   
   I have some good news to share, sent me by Julie Suhr.  The San
Lorenzo Valley Water District (Calif.) has renewed a 10-year agreement
with the Santa Cruz County Horsemen's Assn., allowing riders to go
through some SLVWD property nearby.  The district reports no problems
over the past ten years and "staff believes it is beneficial to have
additional eyes and ears to monitor activity such as illegal off-road
vehicle use."
   So here we have not just an enlightened public agency, but an
equestrian group which has established an impressive   track record over
the years -- and that takes consistent efforts in cooperation and other
good works.  Congratulations to them, and thanks, Julie, for sharing the
    Now that I have another computer and am digging out the files I
printed before I lost the whole shebang,  I'm going to pursue my goal of
getting AERC Trail Committee members in all regions and in lots of
states.   Thanks to those who volunteered already, and I'll be writing
more when I get my geography sorted out.  Cheers (;-),  Connie B.

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