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Trails Advocacy

Last week I had a great opportunity as the Chair of the Va. Horse Council
Trails Committee to make a real difference in our trail access here in the
state.  I wanted to shared a little of this event with you with the hope
that perhaps you might be able to do something similar in your area if you
are suffering with a loss of trails.
We were invited to participate in a staff retreat put on by our state
secretary for natural resources.  His division includes state parks and the
game commission.  Not only did we provide the lunchtime talk on our hopes
for trailriding in the state, we took at least 40 staff and family members
out on trail and carriage rides.  The horses and the trails spoke for
themselves. When it was over, the secretary and his staff needed little
convincing that reopening all (or most) of the state parks to horses was an
important agenda item.  While we still have a ways to go, we agreed to set
up an advisory committee to the state that would help them move trail access
If you are having access difficulties, consider arranging a similiar event.
It may make a difference.  I literally threw our part of this meeting
together in 10 days (short notice), but it was certainly worth the effort.

Sally Aungier
Powhatan, Va

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