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Home Made Electrolytes

>Sure: dietetic salt. A combination of potassium chloride and sodium
>chloride >known as "lite" salt in the grocery store. Just about covers
all the >bases.

What about the calcium?
The old Ridgeway recipe called for 2 parts Salt, 2 parts Lite Salt and 1
part Calcium.

After a few years, I noticed that the Lite Salt in the store is actually
called "Lite Salt Mixture" a mixture of salt and Potassium Chloride.  I
wondered if I should just put 4 parts "Lite Salt Mixture" and 1 part

I will say that Lynda Corry has over 3,000 miles on Baskhari doing lots
of top 10's and 100's in humid Houston, TX and never used anything but
this.  She made fun of me when I started using some of the bought stuff
when I'd had no problems using the same mixture.  

The only time I ever had a problem was when I tried some of those pink
things that come in a tub from a standard vet catalog.  I'd won them, so
I tried them out.  That's the one and ONLY time I've had a horse get


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