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First 25er

Hi all!

I was wondering what anyone thought of the trails used for
the "Black Hills Ride I Nat. Series Championship Qualifying
Ride" in Rapid City SD on May 29th?  I am looking for my
first 25 mile LD for me and my goon-boy.  It might be a
little soon so we might not finish but ... And isn't there 
any rides in Nebraska/Iowa?!  I can't find any listed on 
the web page ... and I'm not sure how far my rig (I use 
that term very loosely) will take me!!

Unless there is anyone coming up I29 from missouri/kansas
that wouldn't mind picking up a couple of loonies?


Hope, Spazz, Dixie, and Jester
Omaha Nebraska USA
ICQ#: 32784002
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