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California Trails Day

Our trails day today was not good or bad. 
Actually, for the small number of people that showed up we got a considerable amount of work done.  You know who they were, no matter where you live from California to Nebraska to Maine, you know these  people as the same that always show up.  No this day probably was not the best day to chose for a work day as there were a lot of things going on that people would rather do, and some were to tired from a nearby endurance ride yesterday.  HEY FOLKS THAT'S WHY WE CALL IT ENDURANCE & REMEMBER, THE HORSE MUST BE JUDGED AT THE END, AS "FIT TO CONTINUE".   But again we got the job done.  But don't worry we left several for those of you that didn't show up today.
 I'm going to send this now because after I take a shower I would probably just delete it.
and any way what do I know I'm just
the water boy
Gold Country Endurance Riders

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