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Re: knees

A few exercises. Sorry, I don't know any for knees. I can straighten
> a new born foal with knock-knees, but don't know anything for an adult.

OK, does anyone know any knee exercises?  Both of my knees stiffen up when the point where I can't continue.  I have to get off and walk.
They loosen up in just a few minutes and there's no residual pain at all.
It's worse on a slow ride.  The movement at the faster gaits seems to
postpone the agony.  At a walk, they start to throb after about 20 minutes.
At a trot, it doesn't start until about an hour and a half.  And the pain
increases until I get off.  It's very annoying and I worry about doing
damage to my joints.  I'd like to still be riding distance 10 years from


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