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Re: which wintec to buy! your chance to vote on my purchase!

My dressage instructor recommends the Wintec 2000 dressage model.  Has found
it fits more backs and riders than others.  Wish she'd told me that before I
invested all those $$ in a new leather saddle.  That model will work well
for dressage as well as trail.
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Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 10:10 AM
Subject: RC: which wintec to buy! your chance to vote on my purchase!

>patti carey-stedman
>>From an old lurker, who still goes through the archives pretty regularly!
>Am trying to decide between two models of Wintecs for my young Arab/Trak
gelding -- waiting to invest in a custom saddle 'til he's done filling out.
I ride dressage ordinarily, but I'm getting hooked on long distance (darned
>Deciding between the A/P Sport (the cheapy model) and the Endurance Sport
(the "old" endurance model, as I understand it).  Have been price searching
and can get the Sport for $270 and the Endurance Sport for $405.
>Any of you ride in either?  Love or hate either?  I'd sure appreciate your
advice and wisdom.
>--Patti and Ned ("how easily can I get you out of the new saddle, you
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