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Re: RC: breeds in endurance

Actually, I have been wondering specifically about the "thin-skinned"
characteristic in terms of the ability to dissipate heat.  I assume this is
a fairly subjective characteristic (I mean in terms of judging whether a
horse is "thin-skinned" or not).  I have Morgans, and they certainly don't
appear as "thin-skinned as some Arabs I have seen.  However, between my
older gelding and my young stallion... my stallion seems much thinner
skinned than the gelding. How important is this in terms of recovery
parameters?  Anyone have any concrete or anectodal info?

Kirsten (who still ain't going to trade in her Morgans....even if they'll
never top-ten)

John & Sue Greenall wrote:

> I agree that breeds other than Arabs can be competitive in
> endurance, BUT, an exceptional individual does not make the
> breed.  I have seen a Hackney/Clyde cross whip the pants off of
> Arabs at 50 miles.  Wet saddle blankets does not necessarily
> make the horse if they don't have the right stuff to start with.  After
> 4000 miles of competition, my Morgan still cannot recover like
> most Arabs.  I have a warmblood with a resting pulse of 32, but she
> cannot recover like most Arabs.  I also have an Arab that recovers
> slower than the Morgan!
> When you are playing a game where recovery is part of the
> competition, it can be a strong point or a weak point. Even among
> Arabs and Half-Arabs, there are those individuals that recover faster
> than others. Recovery is not ALL of the game, there are plenty
> more areas where ride strategy can make or break you.  Simply
> ride to your horse's advantages, whatever they might be.  I feel as
> riders that we are putting way too much emphasis on pulse rather
> than looking at the entire picture.  In that, I feel that the Arabian
> breed is more suited to the sport than most other breeds.  Getting
> into a breed war is a waste of good horsemanship.
> John and Sue Greenall
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Kirsten (Price) Foruria
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno, Nevada

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