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Re: RC: Does hay last?

In a message dated 4/16/99 9:34:03 AM EST, writes:

>  My vet told me that grass hay does not last for very long...that by 
> springtime>  the grass/clover hay that was keeping my horses fat and sassy 
has "self>  digested" and lost its nutritional value. >  At his suggestion i 
have switched over to alfalfa hay  until the grass is up
>  high enough to feed all the horses.

We raise and sell home grown grass and oat hay.  I read all I can on how to 
raise, cut and cure the best quality hay.  Though this does not make me an 
expert, my information is that hay stored under a roof, out of the weather 
should last fairly well for about one year.  Light and air should be 
restricted as much as possible.  Pack you loft tightly and it should keep 
very well.  As hay ages, it looses some of the vitamins, but it is still OK 
to feed, it will not hurt the animals.  You should notice that bales that are 
exposed to light are lighter colored than the ones underneath the stack.  
Susan G. may be able to give more "scientific" information on this.....Susan??

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