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Those old horses

"...Grant rode a saddlebred named Cincinnati, Sherman's horse was also a
saddlebred named Lexington.   Stonewall Jackson had one named Little
     Actually, Grant's "Cincinnati" was a Thoroughbred, by the Kentucky
TB "Lexington,"  the "Blind Hero of Woodburn."   Sherman's "Lexington"
was also a TB, named (probably) after the famed Lexington just mentioned.
  "Little Sorrel" was, by best accounts, of Morgan blood.  He was picked
out of two carloads of horses, part of a trainload of supplies bound for
the Union forces, captured by Stonewall Jackson  in July 1861 at Harpers
Ferry, VA.   Actually, Jackson picked out two sorrels; "Big Sorrel" was
to have been his and "Little Sorrel", or "Fancy," was for his wife.  
"Big Sorrel" proved to be hard-gaited but the little one was just right. 
  General Sheridan rode a black Morgan he called "Rienzi"  who gained
fame on the celebrated dash to Winchester.
   I've been following the discussions of bloodlines and breeds, and as
many of you know,  I ride Morgans and will not switch to  any other
breed, for endurance or whatever!      Cheers (;-),   Connie B

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