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Re: RC: Stuck on Easy Boots

I use Vaseline above the hoof at coronary band to prevent foam from sticking to
hair....I also use TWO screwdrivers to pry off "foamed" easyboots.  After a bit of
practice it is not too bad to take them off.  I have never had my foam stay on the
horses hooves, but I have spent hours around the campfire removing the foam from
the boots with needle nose pliers.


Terry canavello wrote:

> Okay, so I followed the instructions on the web page and carved my easy boots
> into a shadow of themselves. I tried first the rear boots, then all four boots
>  and they seem to fit fine and not tear my horse's hooves to pieces. So then I
> went the next step and easy foamed the little jewels on.
> Well, the good news is that the easy boots lasted like a charm. The bad news
> is that I thought I was going to have to chop off my horse's feet in order to
> get the boots off. Thanks  to the person who created the web sites for the
> warning about whqt to expect,  by the way, or I would still be slumped to the
> ground in my pasture in hysterics.
> Has anyone out there found a technique to help free horse hooves from easy
> foamed boots?
> I think I am going to try wrapping each foot in lots of vet wrap and spraying
> Pam on some of the corners of the boot to see what will happen.  Do you think
> the horse will just slide out of the boots!!
> 'course if I use butter flavored spray I may have an entourage of cougars
> following me down the trail...wouldn't that solve my going forward problems!!!
> suggestions anyone???
> Terry and her Shadow
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