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thanks about lethargic horse

Hi everyone 

Thanks to everyone who posted me advice about my lethargic horse Spot. I've
consulted anyone who will listen regardless of whether they can identify a
horse let alone ride one. 

Everyone says give it a go he's just changing attitudes for the job ahead.
He's still his same grumpy self at meal times arguing with my other horse
often more angrily than before. I try to be fair but they still compete. 

I lunged him last night and after a short warm-up he volunteered to trot round
in a slow easy energy saving dog trot. I got him to canter for a while which
he did and then wanted to go back to his dog trot - bless him! 

He's quite a wise old soul at 14 years of age he's done the lot - dressage,
show-jumping, cross-country and he's been hunted too. Frankly, I should stop
worrying and maybe consider sending him into work to do my job for me. 

Thanks all. I'll let you know how we get on with our 30 miles. We tend to do
shorter distances over here at a faster pace. There's a time limit of 4 hours
50 minutes on this 30 miler. Some of us in the UK have been discussing how
nice it would be to do longer mileages at a slower pace but being a crowded
island it might not be so easy to have happen that way. People tend to want
your event over and done with quick because someone else wants to use the
space! Most of our rides are run over private land. 



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