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Heart Rate Monitors

Hi, Campers,

   I'm writing this (huh......I'm trying...I tried to cut my fingertip off 
this evening while slicing mushrooms for dinner. It astounds me how much 
blood a finger can leak.....)
for a friend of mine. She's not on Ridecamp, nor does she do endurance (not 
on a 16.2 hand Dutch Warmblood mare, she doesn't)
 She's interested in acquiring a heart rate monitor for her three day event 
mare. She is looking for one that doesn't need a breast plate to attach the 
monitor to (I don't have one or use one, so I'm fuzzy on the placement) as 
she wants to use one while doing dressage, and dressage protocol frowns on 
breast plates. Anyone who has suggestions, advice, or sells HRM can write me 
or my friend. Tell her you read my letter on Ridecamp. She said she's found 
only one supplier for them...can that be true? 
Thank you in advance. Her email is :

Mine is 
Michelle and 14.3 Jordan, who thinks Marquee the DWB is just a tad too 

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