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RC: Re: Missouri Fox Trotters

>Seems to me that Jeanie Stewart-Spears rides a 1/2 Missouri Fox Trotter.
>Not sure whether or not the horse is naturally gaited.
>Susan Swope-Attardi
>AERC Southeast Region

I have a Arab/Missouri Fox Trotter gelding that I pulled out of the pasture
a little over a year ago at the age of almost 11 (he had an easy
life...occasional short rides, some training sessions, but no one earnestly
conditioning him.....he's now ready to start some competitions.  He is
gaited but, because I needed to use him as a schooling horse, I needed to
have him trot, not fox trot.  He can do the gait naturally but it seems
that the impulse is not as strong since he's conditioned in the trot on a
regular basis.  I really like the cross now that I've had a chance to work
with him.  I had horses before that who were primarily for dressage, which
is what I was doing he had an easy life as a pasture potato for
most of his 10 years -- too short and not long strided enough for a sport
that suggests that your mount should require you to carry a ladder with you
at the barn -- and go from one end of the arena to the other in two
strides!! ;-)  

Blaze is now in pretty good shape and I've managed to get rid of his flab
and correct a bit of his sway back...he naturally has a little bit but it
was made worse by too many years of working on his beer belly -- I mean --
hay belly! <g>  He also paddles a little on his right front but travels
straight and has never been lame due to conformation.  And he is *really*
cute...has a personality that's more "Araby" -- the "in your pocket, pay
attention to me cuz I'm so cute" type!  I don't know if he'll ever make it
to 100 miles, but he can do a reasonable tough 5-6 hours now (hauling *me*
<groan> up and down the hills) with energy and enthusiasm to spare .  He'll
be an excellent student trail and endurance horse, especially at lower miles. 

Still looking for the right horse for me, as I posted before...lots of
choices, a couple of good gut feelings, several people yet to contact...I
wish someone would just say..."Here is the perfect horse for you!"...or
grant me more hours in the day so I'd have more time to pursue this hunt
myself!  Having to work for a living really messes up my schedule! ;-)

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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