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Re: RC: Back-to-Back Rides

Hi Gini,

I agree with the veterinarian that advised you that doing numerous
back-to-back 50s is too much, and here's my opinion. You asked!

The type of thing you are talking about is different than preparing for,
travelling to and competing in a multiple day event.

When you do that, you prepare for ONE BIG HAPPENING, many times based 
from the same location. No shipping back home, unpacking, repacking,
shipping again to a new and strange location, unpacking, competing,
packing, shipping, unpacking, repacking, shipping, unpacking, etc, etc.,
etc. Do you get the gist? The above scenario is very stressful to both
horse and *will* take it's toll. If this is a points thing
that you are after, please re-think the consequences and the values

If you even have a doubt (and I think you do from the tone of your post)
that this may be too much, you are most likely right! Back off, and give
your equine partner a breather and some rest. If you wait until the
signs are so stressful that they slap you up-side the head, you may be
"resting" longer than you wish.

The multiple day events are stressful in themselves...I've not done that
many, but one prepares for such, expecting to rest the horse
appropriatly when completed.

Sounds as if you have a nice horse that will give you a lot...the trick:
don't take it all! Ride smart, Sugar. Go *help* with the ride next

We miss seeing you here in Fl,

Deena~ Meyer

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