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RE: first aid

"But, but, ptt," she sputtered. "That's all people stuff!"  I thought we were talking about horses.  Aren't endurance riders the ones that will dote on your horse if he has a sore body part, but will ignore you if you have half your guts hanging out and an eyeball missing?  LOL.  Funny, I don't have ANYTHING for me in my first aid kit!!!  It's all for Pache!  If I get hurt, I guess I'll just doctor myself like I would him!  I don't even have a band aid in my car.
Chattanooga, TN
PS...That said, those were good suggestions, Ann!  :)
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IMO, it doesn't matter what you have in your first aid pack if you don't know how to administer first aid.  I think everybody needs a course in first aid every couple of years just to keep fresh.  First aid for people will give you a lot of savvy about taking care of your horse in an emergency situation.
That said, here's some stuff I keep on hand in the barn.
Sanitary napkins for covering bleeding wounds.
Banamine (refrigerate)
Dipyrone (ditto)
Empty large syringes (without needles) for washing out wounds.  I got a huge bag of them from the blood bank, free)
We ride for a Mounted Patrol Unit and in our packs we take:
paper and a pencil with duct tape wrapped around it
aspirin (1st aid for heart attacks)
mini pads
adhesive tape/vet wrap
sugar (for diabetics)
alcohol swabs
safety pins
CPR mask
emergency blanket
power bar
All this stuff fits in a tiny pack.

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