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Re: RC: Re: HELP!!

In a message dated 3/18/99 6:28:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Hi Devony - Am I correct in understanding you go riding in a horse
 pasture with other horses in it?  I know this will not be of much help
 to you, but my suggestion is that if you are riding in such a horse
 pasture, the first thing you do is stop!  I mean, you couldn't get me to
 do that in my own herd unless I was riding a very dominant member - say,
 the lead mare!  I'd guess from your post that probably your horse isn't
 the lead animal - while there's all kinds of techniques that you could
 use to deal with a horse that won't pay attention, most likely they
 won't work in a pasture with other horses galloping around unless you're
I agree with Lif.  We knew a lady in Ohio that was riding in her pasture with
her other horses and one cut in front of her mount and the mount flipped
backwards and landed on the rider and broke the riders neck.  This lady died
instantly!!  Don't ride with loose horses.  I had a similar problem with my
mare that you are having.  I got some great ideas from ridecamp that worked.
Check the archives in Jan and Feb under horse to fast.  Wendy had a good
response on circling that has really helped me.  Good luck.


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