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Re: Disabled riders & trails

This is not an approach that protects the interests of non-disabled
equestrians any more than the acceptance of motorized wheelchairs on
National Park trails protects the interest of ATVs - unless, perhaps, you
have a disable riding partner. I can't take my dog just because disabled
assistance dogs are allowed. The ADA has nothing to do with those of us who
are disabled.

Fight horse use on its own merits - don't hide behind the skirts of the

Duncan Fletcher

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From: Karen Schwartz <>

Hi Don,
  Hmmmm.  You just might be on to something here.
  As someone who has some familiarity with the due process guarantees
accorded by federal law to the disabled, I think this approach might be very
powerful in quickly  capturing the attention and respect of both bureaucrats
who manage the trail resources, legislators who fund the recreational areas
we love, and the media who like to cover this highly vocal minority.  At
worst, it could slow down the process by which trails are suddenly declared
off limits to horses.  At best, it could open up access to almost any trail
suitable for horses and mules.
(Now why didn't I think of that.)
Karen Schwartz
Livermore, CA

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