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Re: RC: Strained ligament


Thanks for the suggestions.  Some of what you suggested were done during his first
episode 4 months ago.  He was laid off from work for 10 weeks, DMSO was applied
for several days to this area until it reduced, and he was loose in pasture with
his buds.  There was never any heat in the area.  He was slowly started back
mid-Jan., no lameness, then was pulled after 13 miles from a ride March 6.  The
stall confinement was suggested to allow complete healing.  Vet believes he is a
bit too active in the pasture.  This is confirmed by the divets and skid marks.
This boy likes to play!  He has not been ultrasounded.  Perhaps this should be
done now and again after 30-45 days of rest?

Thanks again,
N. Fla. wrote:

> In a message dated 3/16/99 6:54:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << My horse was just diagnosed with a strained check ligament, left
>  foreleg.  There is a mild thickening in the area, no heat,  and he is
>  sore if the area is palpated. He is ever so slightly off at a trot, in
>  hand, on pavement.  Treatment:  30 days stall rest with hand walking
>  (can also be walked under saddle), along with 10 days of a topical
>  counter-irritant. (Reducine applied 1x per day.)  Any comments from
>  anyone who has successfully treated this type injury would be most
>  appreciated. His X-rays are absolutely clean and the initial treating
>  vet missed this injury 4 months ago.
>  Laura & Tez (help, I'm in Prison!!) >>
> I would not use the counter irritant and I would not give 30 days stall rest.
> I'd walk him every day, icing the check after the walk, and once you have
> reduced the small swelling and he shows no walking lameness, walk him under
> saddle, then, later, trot him.
> ti
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