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Re: Re: entry dinner fees

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From: Louise D Burton <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 7:54 AM
Subject: RC: Re: entry dinner fees

>A possible solution..
>What I have often done at my rides is have a big pot of chili cooking and
>ready about 2/3 through the ride

I went to a camp-out party thing once and everyone was told to bring a can
of something for the pot---a can of soup of any kind, chili, vegetables.
When you showed up for dinner, you opened the can, dumped it into the
communal stock pot, stirred it in and helped yourself.  It sounds pretty
gross with so many things going in there, but it was really good, evolved by
the hour, and since everyone contributed, there was neither too little or
too much.  Just another possibility.

Susan G

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