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Re: RC: entry dinner fees /farrier update

I have a silly question. 

Do alot/most of the rides have dinner tickets that are automatically
included with your ride fees? Maybe I am misunderstanding this post. I
have never been to a ride (granted, I have only been to about 6 rides
total, and in the Pacific NW,) but all have had the OPTION for a
dinner (mainly potluck or spaghetti feed type.) We personally never
buy the ticket/meal, as we pack enough food for 4 people for a 4 day
weekend. We also prepare our personal favorites. We were asked at a
ride once if we wanted to pay for the spaghetti feed. We declined and
feasted on elk tenderloin steaks, seafood salad, a bottle of wine and
razor clams we had saved from clamming season. (Not bragging, but our
camping food is serious stuff to us! VBG, can you tell?) We may go a
full week on Top Raman, just to eat hearty in the bush. 

Thanks for listening, and for all the farrier comments as well. BTW, I
left our farrier another msg. Sat. (1 full week later) and he called
that evening, apoligizing for not getting back to me. He is coming
this evening.

Believe me, for those who suggested that I offer something for his
time. I always do. I would feel guilty if I didn't. Heck, I feel
guilty that I am even considering someone else. He has always taken me
up on the offer to pay, but it has always been $20 or more. We do not
abuse this man in any way. He has only once had to wait for me, I was
5 min. behind him on the way to my house. We always get coffee, pop or
cold water on a hot day for him, give him bags of elk/deer
sausage/jerky, send him home with homemade salsa, etc. We pay about
1/3 the time in cash, have never bounced a check, work around his
schedule if need be and the horses are really pretty good. (One
fidgets, but the other falls asleep.) He has been my farrier for about
4 years, and up until 2 years ago, he was strictly a farrier. (And I
really had no complaints.) Now he also has a job for the city during
the day and is trying to juggle two careers. I really like him as a
person, but I think he is getting inconsistant in his fees and doesn't
guarantee his work. Thank you to all who don't think I am asking too
much. I am not a complainer and will typically put up with way too
much before I say "Whoa!" (Take my previous marriage for example......
ok, that's another story! *g*)


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