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Re: RC: Farriers staying up to date?

>I have a great farrier who shoes up on time, replaces a lost
>shoe for no charge, AND goes to seminars during the year to
>stay current on the latest technologies, products, and information.
>This is something *I* think is very important due to the many
>breakthroughs happening in equine research into metabolism,
>laminitis, navicular, etc.
>Just wonder how many of your ridecamp good farriers also
>stay current?  And how important do you feel yearly training

I'm very happy with my farrier, who is young and established his practice
in this area a few years ago.  He was recommended to me by one of the
senior farriers.  He's very professional, making and keeping
appointments,showing up on time, etc.  His manner is very gentle and
patient with the horses and all of the youngsters have become quite
accepting of him working on their feet.   I'm sure he'd replace any lost
shoes -- but in two years with him the 2-3 horses I keep shod at any given
time haven't lost any shoes!  He does a balanced trim which allows my
barefoot horses out in my rocky field to take care of their own feet for
several months at a time (ie, the hoof wears quite evenly).

He goes to seminars and is spending a lot of his time making shoes and
improving his forge skills (he's currently learning to make Chadwick
springs) under the tutelage of a couple certified farriers in the area.
While he doesn't do a four point trim he was able to explain the
similarities between it and how he trims clearly and intelligently.   He
works with the local vets and both of mine tell me they are very happy with
his work and they get good reports from their other clients.  Can't expect
much more than that!

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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