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Re: RC: Farriers staying up to date?

In a message dated 3/13/99 8:30:22 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

 Just wonder how many of your ridecamp good farriers also
 stay current?  And how important do you feel yearly training
 is? >>

My farrier also attends seminars and farrier competitions around the country
(he's won a few too).  He is extremely knowledgable in corrective shoeing and
has some nifty tricks that have fixed my horse's forging and interfering
problems (he fixed them several years ago and Harca is still sound).  He also
works closely with a well-regarded vet in the area and does all of the farrier
work at the Clinic.  Is he expensive?  Oh yeah.  Is he worth it?  Every penny!
I trust him implicitly with my horses.  He also helped me teach my little
rescue foal  (who was completely wild) that the farrier was NOT the boogey-
man.  And, to answer your question, I do think it is helpful that he stays
current on advancements in his field.

Also, (knock on wood)  my horses have never thrown a shoe.  Probably we're
just lucky, but probably my farrier gets some credit too.  He always calls me
after a ride to see how we did and if we had any problems--amazing!  

Sylvia & Harca (going to a ride next weekend --yippee!!)

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