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Re: RC: Sports Saddle answers

Deanna German wrote:
> Thanks to those who took the time to answer my questions about the
> placement of the stirrups.
> After evaluating my riding style, I have changed my saddle order
> decided to let the kind folks at Sports Saddle put my stirrups in the
> standard position...
> Also, they let me customize the trainer model considerably. I ordered
> the crupper ring and the dees available on the endurance version. I also
> ordered the lower pommel and put a cheyanne roll on the cantle. I left
> the cantle at the taller training model height because I like the added
> security should my filly decide to rear (she shown tendencies to like
> doing that). Lastly, I requested the endurance stirrups. All of those
> changes added about $75 (almost the price of the endurance model) and I
> get the suede security for my youngster.

When I was trying out Sport Saddles at the Louisville AERC conference,
the dealer mentioned an option on the endurance saddle that I have
not heard discussed much.

I'm short (5'2") and she said that shorter riders often did better
with a so-called "youth cut" Sport Saddle.  A saddle so modified
simply has a shorter skirt, i.e, the side of the saddle ends higher
than normal.  She said that this gives the stirrups more freedom
of movement (because the leathers are already going to be short
on a short rider) and often eliminates the rub under the leg that
many Sport Saddle riders experience.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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