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Ride Vet

Just thought I would inform everyone of the generosity of Dr. Ken
Marcella at the March 6, Oconee Endurance Ride.  Unfortunately, my horse
was pulled for lameness after the first loop (13 miles).  Dr. Marcella
suggested I bring the horse back for further evaluation when the vet
check area activity slowed down.  He then rechecked the horse, scanned
him with a thermography unit, flex checked his ankle (much worse, now
<vbf>) and offered his opinion as to cause--probable soft tissue
injury.  He spend considerable time examining this horse and refused
payment.  Thank you Dr. Marcella!!
Another note of thanks to Peggy and Tim Clark for organizing this ride.
I can only comment on the first loop of trail--it was very clearly
marked.  The ride was well organized and Peggy and Tim implemented
rider's suggestions from last year.
Thanks again, guys!

Laura & Tez (ouch, my leg hurts!!)

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