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Re: RC: Vet Award Program

>Actually ECTRA has a volunteer mileage program and gives out awards
>each =>year at the banquet.  These are career miles not just annual so
it is >=>amazing to see how fast they add up.

I think that's why I was never enthusiastic about "crew" awards.  I crew
when I can't ride, but that's sort of different.  To me, the rider's
award belongs partly to the crew who gets'em there.  If you've got a
steady crew, you should make sure you recognize them yourself.  

I think it would be about as hard (if not harder) for a vet to rack up
miles as it is for a rider...besides, it would give you an idea how much
experience the vet at a given ride has.  I know the vets in the
Southeast, and I know who I consider the best. I'm thinking of going to a
ride pretty soon where I don't know the vets and it makes me VERY
nervous.  Wish there was a place in the yearbook where I could check up
on their experience.


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