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 >He then rechecked the horse, scanned
>him with a thermography unit, 

Dr. Marcellus has been bringing this thermography unit to the rides for a
year or so.  It's a pretty neat toy.  I saw it highlight a wrenched ankle
on a horse after the Biltmore 100, and he scanned Kaboot and gave us a
clean bill of health after that ride.

However, before the Hallelujah 100 at about 6:00 AM a friend of mine and
I caught him walking by with it and asked for a pre-race scan.  She'd
been worried about an old injury to her horse's left fore fetlock.  He
scanned him and only saw some heat in a rear hoof.  He then scanned
Kaboot and saw heat in TWO hooves.  I kept thinking it over as I went
down the trail and it hit me...when I'd cleaned his hooves that morning
I'd simply picked them up and checked to be sure there were no rocks
stuck in the shoe...a couple of the hooves were full of fresh WARM green
manure and I left it.  You have to watch out for those things.  They're
pretty sensitive.


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