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Re: First aid/medical kit for rides

My first aid kit that goes everywhere my horses go is as follows:	The
container is the Rubbermaid Step/Tool box. You can use it as a mounting block
or lawn chair end table, etc.
	Betadine solution
	Cortisone cream
	Bute Paste
	Electrolyte Paste
	Rolls of Kling Gauze
	Vet Wrap
	Bandageing tape
	Nolvasan ointment
	Eye antibiotic ointment
	4" X 4" gauze pads
	Extra snaps and nylon webbing
	Acepromazine with sterile syringe/needles
	SMZ tablets
	Prednisone tablets
	Rectal thermometer
	Ink Pen and pad
I think this is all, I can't remember if there is anything else.

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