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Re: Family vs Individual Dues

> Don't know why ya'll are
> so opposed to a few people donating an extra $10."

The point is that while some may be "donating" an extra $10, others are
required to pay extra, without their knowledge or consent, to cover those
who are paying only $10 and receiving $15 or $20 worth of membership

The greater point is that _we_ _don't_ know_ exactly who is
paying for whom, because the figures aren't available to us.  That's why
an accurate cost accounting, as suggested by several people, needs to be
the first priority.  Those figures can then be used to identify exactly
what is inequitable in the current system, and we can all go from there.

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL
AERC # M18819 & H27310
SE Region

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