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Re: Fee structures

	I don't think you understand.  Its not what AERC is making or not making.
Its what it's worth to you.  If you want to be a member and get the Endurance
News, have your horse & you tracked in points, etc..  If you, to yourseft
think thats worth the $65.00 then you have made that choice to apply.  If you
don't think you will get your $65.00 worth then don't become a member.  I'll
repeat what I said this morning:

>	I used to have a friend that compared prices of things to the cost of a 6
pack of beer.  Say, one shirt was 2 six packs.  Well, I kind of do the same
thing in hay (being a horse person).  One year membership to the AERC is
almost 6 bales of hay here in Calif.  When you really think about it, $65.00
does not buy you much these days.
	 I have my own business, I know that people think simple about what they are
getting in return for their money.  I have a horse boarding facility and what
people think about is: "just throw a flake of hay, water, and have the stall
cleaned, how hard is that."  Well, its not that simple, you have capitol
investment, labor, taxes & insurance, libility insurance, advertizing,
equipment repairs, trash & manure removal, general clean up cost, landscaping
& their cost, hay & delivery cost, hay storage cost of building, tarps, etc.,
etc...  Well, I'm sure that the AERC has a much more detailed cost of expenses
of overhead & not just the EN magazine.  But if in doubt, someone try and just
start the publication of a magazine.
	 I wish people would just stop and really think about what they are getting
for their money.  Do we not want AERC to be a strong and successful
originzation, come on people whats up anyway?


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