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Re: Single votes FOR family discount

Good point, Angie!!  And that's all I got to say about that!

"Angela C. McGhee" wrote:

> , but members
> >can all pay their share... singles shouldn't be expected to pay >extra
> so that a married or group member can pay less if the same >services are
> used.
> I've always had a single membership.  I am totally FOR the family
> discount.  The day that AERC gives money back to singles because they
> have raised the fees for families...I expect to see pigs fly.
>   If I decided to get a family membership...AERC would be making more
> money than before...not less.  I'd bet that most "family" memberships are
> made up of one primary rider and a family who tags along.  I know there
> are exceptions.  More power to them.
> I've got an extra horse and a husband who can ride...but if he does
> that's one less competition I get to "Sorry Bill".  By the way, 4
> income.
> Angie
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