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I had so many responses to my question about white line disease that I
decided it would be best to thank everyone all at once.  My friend was
thrilled to receive so much useful information.  Thanks to everyone that

I also received several responses about adequan for another friends horse. 
She has decided to go with the injections.

I had several responses that misinterpreted my question about chondroitin
sulfate or glucosamine for my four year old.  He has never had any lameness
problems and is perfectly sound.  I was only asking in regards as a
preventative to problems latter on.  I want him to have the absolute
longest career possible and if supplementing him from the very beginning
all the way through his career will be a benefit then thats what I will do.
 Does anyone know if these products will prevent possible damage and
therefore increase his career?  Sort of a "fix it before it's broken"

Carol and Electric Shahck  

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