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Re: Thanks!

Cs products will offer some protection from damage since they help to
keep the joints well greased..
think of it as just that a good grease job.. all the joints working
then we go ride em hard and squish out some grease from the joints.. if
the horse has a little help from natural CS supplements the  joint fluid
is replace faster .
the body can store the 'cs'  and you cant od it.

grease job anology  by Dr mike t   dvm etc

i give the lowest cost stuff and what i believe works the best to ALL
the workers everyday.

i recommend NUPRO-MULTIFLEX  for everyday use low cost #5 $50  lasts 60
Perna extract (5000mg )and GLuco Sulfate (2000mg)  pre oz
ABC JOINT JOLT-   for problems and the hard workers cost more  #4 $80 64

I like a base of the PERNA-canaliculus mussel   'green lipped mussel'
I think it is a better source of CS then Bovine Trechea.. but thats just
me and the gang of rats I have been using it on for about 5 years..

Its a low cost preventitive program.
Roger R

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