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Re: Drug policy

What exactly are my chances that I will be pulled aside to do a drug
test on my horse (in Calif.)?? Do they pull anyone, regardless of your
placing? I remember scanning the drug list some time ago and I THINK it
listed such stuff as MSM, glucosamines, Chrondrotian sulfate, yucca and
other stuff that MANY people use as a preventive measure.

I look at some of the above substances as being in the "nutrition"
category. Top athletes utilize superior nutrition as an edge in
competition. I try to eat well and take vitamins and other supplements
so I will be healthy and live a long life (hopefully) and I want to take
care of my horse for the long run too, not just a season or three.

If glucosamines help my horse keep her joints fluid and may delay or
retard the onset on arthritis, then I'm all for it. If AERC wants to
call it a drug, then I'm for a overhaul of the current guidelines.


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