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Re: Poison oak

There is a product called Technu, which you apply as a barrier to poison
oak prior to exposure. From all accounts it works really well,
unfortunately I forgot it on my last endurance ride and ended up with a
terrible case of poison oak, and I didn't even touch the plant.  Got it
from the horses or my kids clothes.  My friend uses Technu and swears by
it.  I on the other hand ended up going to the doc, got a shot of
cortozone, that didn't work, then got a script for prednizone... which
always works for me, doctors never listen.


At 02:49 PM 7/28/98 -0700, you wrote:
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>From: Lucy Chaplin Trumbull 
>In the process of trolling down the trail, I've got myself a really good
>case of poison oak. This wonderful plant (not) is absolutely blooming 
>here in the overgrown canyons we've been riding in.
>I raided Payless last night for any goop that I could find to give 
>relief (funnily enough, the best thing that worked, has been a
>strong solution of epsom salts and water, liberally applied with
>paper towel). I did find some little individually wrapped alcohol
>swabs for injection sites. 
>Having discovered that apparently poison oak oil doesn't come off 
>very well with water, I'm going to try carrying a load of these in my
>saddle bag for emergencies... like this Sunday, when I was
>gawping at the wonderful view down into the canyon at the Tevis 
>trail on the other side, and Provo walked my arm straight through a 
>particularly fine poison oak bush specimen on Sunday... sigh.
>Anyone tried this idea?
>(that and I have to remember to bring plastic bags to put the
>contaminated clothes in before getting in the truck to go home 
>- I'm sure I've smeared poison oak all over the inside of my truck...)
>Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
>Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA 
>with Mouse and Provo

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