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Re: Poison oak

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998 wrote:

> I raided Payless last night for any goop that I could find to give 
> relief (funnily enough, the best thing that worked, has been a
> strong solution of epsom salts and water, liberally applied with
> paper towel). I did find some little individually wrapped alcohol
> swabs for injection sites. 

My experience is, the best thing AFTER you have contracted the poinson oak
is to use Lanacaine (Maximum Strength).  While it contains all those
natural goodies that are supposed to reduce the itching and promote
healing it also contains good, old-fashioned benzocaine (20% as opposed to
the 3% in the regular strength stuff).  Benzocaine (like all -caine
compounds) is an anesthetic, and a topical one at that.  It doesn't stop
the itch, it just makes it so you can't feel it....good enough for me.

I am violently allergic to poison oak (all I have to do is look at the
stuff to come down with it) ,and used this (the last time I got into
poison oak they didn't have the maximum strength stuff).  I didn't feel a was great, and it only took me a couple of days, instead of the
weeks of itching to "get over it"

As for keeping from getting it, Teacu (or maybe Teacnu) is a product that
claims to remove the resins before and immediately after getting into the
plant.  So far (I bought some of the stuff at the same time that I bought
the Lanacane) it has worked for me, and I haven't had a case of poison oak
since (and considering the fact that my horses PLAY in the stuff--which is
where I picked it up earlier this year), I consider that to be pretty

Oh...and my clothes go straight into the washing machine before they even
get in the house (the washing machine is in the garrage).

Orange County, Calif.

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