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Re: Electrolyte's

i mix the stuff up in the am.. but only the dose i take on the trail
i send the 'raw' prod in the crew pack to the other vcs.

i mix the electrolyte dose  normally 2 to 3 oz  dry measure
1 oz of abc pro-bi or more to make a slop paste.
add one jar of baby food carrots size 1

put this in the really neat squeezeable dose bottle-- i get from abc--
that hold  about 3 oz or so..then i carry a 60cc dose syringe and fill
it from the above bottle.
I normally dose on the trail if the distance from vc to vc is over 15
miles..i dose approx half way
usually after a water stop...

will be doing a report later on the new stuff endura-max

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