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Tevis Website Updates

For you browsing pleasure, the following have been newly updated:

>  1998 Rider Signups (now standing at 148, as of this morning!)
>  Event Rules 
>  Crew Guidelines
>  Trail & Checkpoints

Be sure to click the RELOAD option in your browser if you have visited these
pages before.  

Please note that these last three now reflect the 1998 version of what appears
in the Participant Guide already sent to all entrants...


After the Guide went to press and was mailed, Michigan Bluff was changed to a NO
CREW vetcheck and the hour-long hold previously held there was shifted to
Foresthill.  The website materials reflect this, and some other changes.  Please
check the Bulletin Board page for a summary.

What you find on the website should not otherwise conflict with what appears in
the 1998 Participants Guide.  If you discover any other non-format difference,
particularly as relates to Ride policy or event rules, please let me know at
once.  (I'm a pretty good proofreader, but...)

/richard, Tevis Webguy

ps.  The Tevis website will be hosting its second annual "Webcast" during the
Ride this year.  Every indication is that it will be 'way better than last
year's fledgling attempt.  You are welcome to view the overall planning that is
going into that effort.  Look for the link under Current Events on the Tevis
home page.

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   Also, visit the Official Tevis Cup Site,
*and* the WS100 Run Site,

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